Kviečiame studentus dalyvauti esė konkurse ir konferencijoje

Economics and Morality

Student Essay Contest Spring 2015



„Economic Growth, Economic Freedom, and Morality”


4-6 pages, double-spaced, APA


Submit essays by April 2, 2015, to jbikis@lcc.lt

Event: April 21, 15:00-17:30, LCC

  • Three winning essays presented
  • Speech on Economic Freedom by the President of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Žilvinas Šilėnas
  • Recognitions, awards, and Free Pizza for participants!

Awards: The winners will receive an all expenses-paid trip to Vilnius in December to participate in LFMI Conference “Realistic Economic Analysis II” (information here http://www.llri.lt/svietimo-centras/rea2) Winners’ transportation, tuition, and accommodations will be paid for.

 The contest is open to all students wanting to participate. For any questions, please contact Jekabs Bikis (jbikis@lcc.lt)

The task of the essay is to provide a reasoned opinion about the relationship between economic growth, economic freedom, and morality. Some of the following could be addressed: Is economic growth desirable? Does economic growth have more positive effect or negative effect on societies? Does economic freedom help economic growth? Is economic growth more likely in highly planned societies? Does economic growth and/or economic freedom make people more or less moral, or perhaps it is not related to morality at all? Is morality a prerequisite for economic growth or for economic freedom? Certainly, the students can address other questions as well, as long as the essay is clearly tied to the topic listed above.